Invest in a boat

Buying a boat is often a dream come true for many boaters, especially novices, and they are entering the world of boating and pleasure boating.

Buying and insuring a used boat requires maximum attention to avoid unpleasant surprises. It is essential not only to ask the seller the right questions, but also to inspect the boat, check the maintenance carried out and carry out a sea trial… Good opportunities exist, it’s up to you to find them!

Opting for a boat adapted to your sailing programme

The love at first sight of a boat on a classified ad site or moored in a marina, can quickly turn into an ordeal if it does not finally correspond to its navigation program. Motor, sail or mixed sail-motor, coastal navigation, small cruising, racing and regattas: the first thing to define is what you want to do with your boat. A good piece of advice: different favourites from the well thought-out sailing programme… are to be avoided!

Which model for which sailing basin?

Once the sailing programme has been well defined, the question to ask yourself concerns your navigation basin. Will we choose a transportable boat or not? If the boat is not transportable, where will it be moored or stored? This question will ultimately depend on the type of unit chosen, a boat, whether sailing or motorized, will not be the same whether sailing in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic or the North Sea, with the exception of units intended for cruising…

Additional costs

The posted price of a boat never corresponds to that of a ship ready to sail, let it be said! To the advertised price, the yachtsman will thus have to add the cost relating to the safety equipment as well as, for a sailing boat, those relating to delivery and masting… In the field of sailing, boats are delivered with a set of sails generally sufficient but not complete.

The place in port

If we opt for a transportable one, a large part of this problem disappears. For the others, apart from the berth negotiated with the concessionaire, which appears to be a transitional solution, the berth is an endemic problem of boat ownership. Some will have registered for years in 3 or 4 ports in order to benefit from the first free place (thus participating in a speculative bubble concerning the real need for rings…), others will opt for foreign marinas (Spain, Tunisia…), others will finally choose mooring at a dead body. In any case, this problem is often a headache that must be tackled well in advance of the purchase…


Let’s say it before, a boat costs about 10% of its purchase price every year in maintenance.

To this, you must of course add insurance costs, an area in which there are either “third party” contracts covering damage caused by your boat to other boats but not to yours, or “multi-risk” contracts covering damage, theft and, depending on the contract, repatriation and medical expenses. Be careful, you should think about having the rigging of your yacht insured, which is not always clearly stated.